Saturday, May 29, 2010

SwitchPro Widget 1.6 Released!

First, Thanks for all the suggestions and bug reports :)

What’s new in SwitchPro Widget 1.6:

  • More accurate battery indicator. (Thanks André Kunert)
  • Fixed some issues of APN toggle.
  • Enable/Disable GPS directly is avaliable.
  • 1.6 Sync switch is avaliable.
  • Added configuration shortcut to launcher.
  • Added Russian support. (Thanks Dmitry Bychkov)

* Before you toggle the apn with SwitchPro Wdiget, you should make the connection enabled. You can also config it manually, but do not use the other apn toggle, they conflict with each other.
* About battery indicator, make sure that the SwitchPro Widget's service has not been killed by the task management app.