Friday, August 6, 2010

SwitchPro Widget 1.8.4 Released!

**Please remove all widgets before the upgrade.**
  • Now, you can customize the widget's color when select "no background" option.
  • Fixes the reboot problem, and added the Recovery and Bootloader mode.

The next version will add a new toggle, and more improvements (including light switches, flashlights, mute etc.), so please be patient:)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

About "Data connection" switch

1. If you used a third-party  data connection switch (such as apndroid or htc sense data connection switch), you should make sure the data connection has been enabled before using SwitchPro Widget.
2. If you have installed SwitchPro Widget and can't enable/disable data connection, or data connections often enable automatically, you can try to use "Apn Toggle" in the settings panel.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

SwitchPro Widget 1.8.3 Released!

  • Add more size and indicator color (no background color will be added in next version)
  • Added the  intermediate state of 4G toggle.
  • Data connection will show different icons based on the network type.
  • Adjust the brightness's order (the custom order and level will add in the next version)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

About upgrade to 1.8

**Please remove all widgets before the upgrade.**

If you lost data connection after the upgrade, you can resolve it by this:

1, Create a widget.
2,Select "Data Connection" in pop-up panel.
3,Turn the data connection on.( If you select the "APN" in switchpro settings panel, you should unselect it)

After that you can delete the widget and create a new one (Can be without data connection).

Sorry for the inconvenience, 1.8.1 has fixed this problem.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SwitchPro Widget 1.8 Released!

  • You can choose the APN switch to replace the data connection (if data connection can't work you can try this).
     Data connection:
     Safe, Fast (Related to the strength of the signal.)
     But, Will be reset by system sometime, compatibility is not good.
     Good compatibility
     But, Will modify the APN configuration.
  • You can use camera flash without pop-up window, I don't have all the device to test it, so any problems please tell me.
  • Added media silent option in silent mode.
  • Added "turn off the phone network only" option in the aireplane mode.
  • Improved the data connection, in some cases (such as: reboot, connect the USB, enable/disable the aireplane mode, enable/disable the Wifi) . I can't stop the system to reset the data connection, I can only turn off it after it enable automatically.
  • Deleted some unnecessary tip messages.
  • Unlock mode is not visible on the Android2.2.
  • Improved battery indicator, I can not determine whether the problem witch can not display icon in some case is solved, look forward to your feedback.
  • Added 4G switch (only for HTC EVO), no tested, I've no evo, still that sentence:any problems, contact me :)
  • Added Speaker Mode switch.
  • Added Auto Screen Lock switch.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SwitchPro Widget 1.7 Released!

  • Fixed the bug of the battery indicator not updating.
  • Flashlight now support Desire, X10, Milestone, Droid, Froyo (2.2), and can be set using the screen light instead of camera light.
  • Changed APN switch name to "Data Connection", and will not modify the APN configuration. Before updating make sure the APN is turned on.
  • You can select the timeout time instead of screen always on now.
  • Adjust the button’s selection mode, and automatically save the latest button’s order.
  • Setting the button number is avaliable(5-7).
  • Fixed some minor problems.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

SwitchPro Widget 1.6 Released!

First, Thanks for all the suggestions and bug reports :)

What’s new in SwitchPro Widget 1.6:

  • More accurate battery indicator. (Thanks André Kunert)
  • Fixed some issues of APN toggle.
  • Enable/Disable GPS directly is avaliable.
  • 1.6 Sync switch is avaliable.
  • Added configuration shortcut to launcher.
  • Added Russian support. (Thanks Dmitry Bychkov)

* Before you toggle the apn with SwitchPro Wdiget, you should make the connection enabled. You can also config it manually, but do not use the other apn toggle, they conflict with each other.
* About battery indicator, make sure that the SwitchPro Widget's service has not been killed by the task management app.