Wednesday, June 30, 2010

About upgrade to 1.8

**Please remove all widgets before the upgrade.**

If you lost data connection after the upgrade, you can resolve it by this:

1, Create a widget.
2,Select "Data Connection" in pop-up panel.
3,Turn the data connection on.( If you select the "APN" in switchpro settings panel, you should unselect it)

After that you can delete the widget and create a new one (Can be without data connection).

Sorry for the inconvenience, 1.8.1 has fixed this problem.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SwitchPro Widget 1.8 Released!

  • You can choose the APN switch to replace the data connection (if data connection can't work you can try this).
     Data connection:
     Safe, Fast (Related to the strength of the signal.)
     But, Will be reset by system sometime, compatibility is not good.
     Good compatibility
     But, Will modify the APN configuration.
  • You can use camera flash without pop-up window, I don't have all the device to test it, so any problems please tell me.
  • Added media silent option in silent mode.
  • Added "turn off the phone network only" option in the aireplane mode.
  • Improved the data connection, in some cases (such as: reboot, connect the USB, enable/disable the aireplane mode, enable/disable the Wifi) . I can't stop the system to reset the data connection, I can only turn off it after it enable automatically.
  • Deleted some unnecessary tip messages.
  • Unlock mode is not visible on the Android2.2.
  • Improved battery indicator, I can not determine whether the problem witch can not display icon in some case is solved, look forward to your feedback.
  • Added 4G switch (only for HTC EVO), no tested, I've no evo, still that sentence:any problems, contact me :)
  • Added Speaker Mode switch.
  • Added Auto Screen Lock switch.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SwitchPro Widget 1.7 Released!

  • Fixed the bug of the battery indicator not updating.
  • Flashlight now support Desire, X10, Milestone, Droid, Froyo (2.2), and can be set using the screen light instead of camera light.
  • Changed APN switch name to "Data Connection", and will not modify the APN configuration. Before updating make sure the APN is turned on.
  • You can select the timeout time instead of screen always on now.
  • Adjust the button’s selection mode, and automatically save the latest button’s order.
  • Setting the button number is avaliable(5-7).
  • Fixed some minor problems.